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Monday, March 26, 2007

This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)

It seems Steve Taylor was right years ago when he sang This Disco Used To Be A Cute Cathedral

The New York Post Reports:
Elton's B'Day Simply Divine Singer Toasted at Cathedral Bash by Elisabeth Wolff

March 25, 2007 -- To err is Elton, to forgive is St. John the Divine.

Blustery rocker Sir Elton John, who recently described organized religion as "hateful" and worthy of being banned, was slated to whoop it up last night at the famed Morningside Heights cathedral in celebration of his 60th birthday.

Church officials apparently turned the other cheek to Sir John's disparaging comments, but some worshipers were still a little miffed.

"It's inappropriate that everyone will be drunk and flamboyant in the cathedral," said one peeved churchgoer yesterday.

Surveying the florists, sound technicians and decorators feverishly preparing the church, the world's largest Gothic cathedral, he complained, "I can't even find a pew to sit in."

The bacchanal for 400 guests included $18,000 worth of exotic flowers, 1,000 bottles of champagne and a large dessert mound of sticky toffee pudding - Sir Elton's favorite. ...

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