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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bravo to Last Hours Blog

On March 13 Last Hours Blog posted an article entitled Don't panic!!! He is not eternal.
In his article he listed what was purported to be a list of the IQ's of US Presidents of the last 50 years. Naturally the aircraft pilot and Harvard MBA grad President George W. Bush was the lowest score at 91. His father the former CIA Director, President and Vice President score almost made it to the average score of 100 but missed it by being 2 points below average. Democrats all outscoring Republicans.

Of course the article was based upon an Internet hoax. As I have been rather hard on the Spectrum Blog for their manipulation of posts and comments I wanted to point out this blog because it published a correction and admitted he fell for the hoax. He could have just deleted his post but instead acknowledged his error and let it remain. I like that type of honesty. Yes I will question his political acumen but if you are familiar with Adventist blogs by now you have learned to question their politics too.

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