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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Operation: Global Rain

The following are excerpts from website Operation: Global Rain which is the brain child of some Central California churches who desire to pray for the "latter Rain":

It is called Operation Global Rain. It started when a few churches in Central California decided to hold a 10-day prayer event after the model of the early church found in Acts 2. There were no keynote speakers, but rather a group of disciples pleading for nothing else but the outpouring of the latter rain. Every night from 7 to 8 pm, a theme sheet with Bible verses and S.O.P. quotes was presented. We read these privately and then prayed, sometimes silently, other times in groups of two, and others as a congregation.

Though done at separate times, the churches all experienced revival. Animosity was laid aside and a true spirit of unity, repentance and mission took hold of the members. The idea then came about: What if all the churches in the conference were to petition the throne of God at the same time , for the same thing, the outpouring of the Latter Rain?

The idea was presented to one conference just a week ago (January, 07) and has become a reality. Last year, a great deal was made about the date 6.06.06. A popular movie about the antichrist was released on that date, and underground satanic movements glorified the day. This year is 7.07.07! And it happens to be a Sabbath. The date for Operation Global Rain will be 6.27.07 to 7.07.07!
We close with this eye opening thought. The early rain was poured out on all that were praying for it. But that was only a total of about 120, who were all in one location, Jerusalem. Now, what if people around the globe were praying for the outpouring of the latter rain? If God were to be so gracious as to answer, where would that rain fall? Where would that Spirit descend? Would it not lighten the entire globe with its glory? Is this not what has been prophesied to happen according to Revelation 18:1-4?
It is an interesting phenomenon when Adventists think that they can by praying at a specific time cause God to pour out His spirit. As if God does not want to get involved with people unless they can plead with God, on a specific time within a specific time for something that is Biblically not even mentioned. That is the "latter rain" is a Pentecostal idea that did not even exist before the 1800's and it is based upon taking verses out of context. See the following for information on the Latter Rain and it's pentecostal foundation.

Notice that final line about how they think the "Latter rain" would be a fulfillment of Rev. 18 which if I recall correctly from the lesson quarterly two quarters ago on 1844, the Investigative Judgment and the Gospel, this verse was supposed to have been fulfilled over 150 years ago. Of course in either case those verses say nothing of a Holy Spirit outpouring to occur in the "final days" whatever that may be. The last days began nearly 2000 years ago as the Apostles carried the message of Christ to the world, it is that which Peter says they were seeing at Pentecost mentioned in the book of Joel.

What it appears to me is that this is an attempt to prop up traditional SDA beliefs while using the New Age concept of global consensus meditation to achieve a new state of awareness. Maybe I am too skeptical but it seems to me this is a very human attempt to try and create a short cut to our Christian mission of giving every man an answer for our faith.

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