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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jud Lake and Dale Ratzlaf Debate

Stemming from the 2005 Ellen White Conference Dale Ratzlaf responded to Jud Lakes presentation. To this Jud Lake has recently responded.

Dale Ratzlaf's response to the 2005 presentation at the Ellen White Conference is found here.

Jud Lake's Response to Dale Ratzlaf is found here.

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More on Jud Lakes response later, particularly about Jud's defense of the Clear Word so called Bible. A defense of which is in my opinion a fool's errand.


al said...

I'd like to pair a couple of items together which I thought interesting:

"The Clear Word is not an official publication of the SDA Church"

"I am sending you a copy of the important Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology, which represents a biblical perspective on Adventist beliefs by Adventist scholars. It is the best source to use when referencing what Seventh-day Adventists believe about basic Bible doctrine".

Question: Is the "Handbook of Seventh-day Adventist Theology" an official publication of the SDA Church?

"Jud Lake, Th.D., D.Min."

"While your questions do contain assumptions that need examination, they are worthy of attention, and I will eventually get to them on this website."

Dr. Lake is obviously well educated and versed in the writings of Ellen, so why do simple questions not have a ready answer?

al said...

I briefly looked over Dale Ratzlaf web site. I'm doubt we could find much in common. I thought if funny that while the site mentioned not wanting to be judged about Sabbaths I perceive a judgmental air about those who worship on the 7th day. It appears that the Ratzlaf organization are legalists, that is, we are in a legal mess and God has graciously worked things out.
I wonder if they would agree that there is no law above God. Who God is, how He thinks, what He says and does is the law and the law is love. God has ordained that the entire universe is to be in harmony with these principles and those who rebel against them will eventually be destroyed.