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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memories of Mt. Hood

The other night I saw an old friend on the NBC Nightly News. It was an interview with Randy Knapp about his experience stranded on Mt Hood for 13 days in 1976. It amounted to maybe 2 seconds that made the cut. A statement that they were cold but knew they would get out.

The news about the current climbers lost on Mt. Hood brings back a lot of those feelings of when my friends were lost there. Already with one of the three found dead it will never be the happy ending we experienced at Walla Walla Valley Academy.

What struck me today about this incident of Randy on the News is that it was so short and carried none of the concern that I am sure Randy expressed to the reporters. The faith in God, the hope found in our Christian faith even the human concern for the climbers well being is cut. It is not news to Americac jounalism, even at Christmas time God has no place even when recounting events where belief in God may have been a substantial comfort to the people involved in times past and maybe to those in distress today. Mainstream media it appears is no longer the friend of Americans and most certanly is not a friend to Christianity.

Here are a few links to some articles on the Web in reference to Randy Knapp's interview.

Survivor of '76: If we made it, they can too

Three teens walked out after 13 days in a snow cave on Mount Hood
Friday, December 15, 2006
It's been almost 31 years since Randy Knapp and two high school friends emerged from their 13th night in a wet, cold snow cave on Mount Hood, where they held onto hope through prayers and struggled to survive while a snowstorm raged outside.

As the years passed, Knapp, 48, a finish carpenter and part-time pastor who lives in Medford, refused requests for interviews. But Thursday, as headlines detailed the unfolding drama of another Mount Hood climbing party in trouble, the father of two said he wanted to give the climbers' families some hope.

"Ten days into it, I could hear the helicopter up there searching, and that gave us hope," he said. "I wouldn't write these guys off. They're experienced mountain climbers, and I wouldn't give up hope. They can make it."

Knapp should know. He was 18 when the party that included Matt Meacham and Gary Schneider, both 16, set off on New Year's Eve 1975 for a summit climb from Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood's south side.

The three friends from Walla Walla High School were well prepared, with 10 days' rations, down coats and sleeping bags, crampons, rope, ice axes and a stove.

A list of snow cave storiesAssociated Press

Here are some examples of mountaineers who have used snow caves:

_ January 1976: Randy Knapp, 18, and Matt Meacham and Gary Schneider, both 16, spent 13 days in a snow cave on Mount Hood. They had started for the summit, but ran into bad weather. They were at about 7,600 feet, Knapp told The Oregonian newspaper.

They bottled the water dripping from the walls and let their bodies warm it before drinking it. They survived on a mush of pudding powder and pancake mix. Searchers were about to give up when the trio left the cave just before daybreak and spotted a search party. Two of three teens suffered mild cases of frostbite.

Hood survivor: Climbers' survival quite possible

5:30 PM PST on Friday, December 15, 2006
By KGW Staff

One man said surviving the elements on Mount Hood is possible -- he and two companions did for 17 days nearly 31 years ago.

Randy Knapp was 18 years old, Matt Meacham and Gary Schneider were both 16 in 1976.

KGW photo

Randy Knapp survived 13 nights on Mt. Hood

They got caught in a storm and after four days of trying to get down the mountain, hunkered down in a snow cave.

That's where they lived for 13 nights.

They made it out okay and Knapp believes it'll happen again.

Update 1:56 pm:

Here is a link to an Interview with Randy on MSNBC. You have to watch a commercial first of course:


ageis said...

"Mainstream media it appears is no longer the friend of Americans and most certanly is not a friend to Christianity."

Perhaps you can clarify your statement above. Having read many of the reports, and seen them on TV, it is an impression that I never perceived. Or, is it the usual diatribe against the media?

Ron Corson said...

Well I probably assumed the reader may have known more about media then I should have. There is so much media now that mainstream is not a good term. I was referring to the major network news here. The news channels are also mainstream but having 24 hours a day to fill with news they natuarlly will have more information to use rather then censoring it as they do for the the majority of viewers who only see the network news programs.

I would encourage anyone who questions the medias intolerance of Christianity to read David Limbaugh's book

For an article on the book see below
Limbaugh Shows How Intolerant 'Liberals' Wage War on Christianity

Phil Brennan,
Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003

All across America, Christianity is under attack. The battlegrounds in this war are the nation’s courtrooms, schools, the media and within federal and state governments.

Now, for the first time a courageous American lawyer, author and columnist, David Limbaugh, has gathered a mass of documentation showing how far this war against those who worship Jesus Christ has progressed.

In his new, best-selling book, "Persecution – How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity," Limbaugh exposes the outrageous bias and discrimination against Christians.