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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ellen White Summit; Response to Jud Lake's Response

A Response to the Response of Jud Lake (Ellen White Summit 2005)

By Ron Corson

Recently I was informed that Jud Lake posted a response to my blog article on his Ellen White 2005 Summit presentation. My original blog article is found at:
The Audio of the Summit found at:
Jud Lake’s Response is found at:
Since my response includes both Jud Lakes and my original comments it is longer then I wanted to place on this blog so I have linked to it here

I am grateful for his response because the purpose of this blog is to discuss various elements expressed in SDA news, events and media. Too often articles or events are produced and no one really has a chance to discuss the contents except for occasional short letters to editors or conversations with friends. However with the Internet technology it is now possible to examine information in depth far easier then ever before. However there is still a lack of involvement from the leadership in the SDA church dealing with the regular membership. So though what follows is probably not going to make Jud Lake too happy, I do appreciate his desire to discuss the issues even though he chooses to respond on his own web site rather then comment on the article on this blog. To make things easier I am going to place my original article first except for the quotes from Canright’s book, which will be placed later in response to his response. This may sound confusing but they will be color-coded. This way it will not be necessary to go back and forth between my original post and his response. He makes several charges against my statements and it is necessary to refute them. For instance he claims that I criticize his logical fallacies without giving any examples of such fallacies, he also asserts that though I said there was false material in his presentation he can not see where I showed anything to be false. So I will show in more detail what I meant in my original post.

Reading another blog Adventist Pulpit, which is something you should all be doing, I discovered the following comment from Jud Lake:

  1. I have read Ron’s response to my material and agree that it contains much more depth. I respect that and will gladly respond.

    Comment by Jud Lake — June 11, 2006 @ 5:52 pm

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