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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Storm clouds on the horizon Review Article

New Review Editorial

The New issue of the Adventist Review is out
Storm Clouds on the Horizon

What do you think?


Ron Corson said...

The Review article states:
" The future seems loaded with uncertainty. We can expect that the Christian Right, which strongly influenced the outcome of the past election, will not quietly retreat to a corner. They will demand political results, and will be even more aggressive in future elections."

It is amazing how the Christian Right became such a powerful force only after the election was over. Little was heard from it before the election other then please vote it is important.

What we see here is the Review has fallen into the culture war on the side of the Liberal anti-Christians. People on the Christian right can't have real moral values...not they must be preparing to take over the world with aggressive tactics.

The leadership of the SDA church has let their fear so consume them that they even fear standing up for their own historic Christians values. It is a sad commentary.

Andrew Corson said...

The article was not very ellegent in how they threw it together. Why is this paragraph even there?
"Another factor bedeviling the American scene is the rise of the "values" issue in the fiercely contested presidential election of 2004. Especially the efforts to widen marriage to include homosexual relationships hit many voters in the gut."
This paragraph is thrown in the middle and makes it sound like the church and state are working together to promote homosexuality.
And are not going to hide these ideas in the corner either.

Al Corson said...

There are two strong forces, love and fear. This article appears to be driven by fear. I wonder what it would have said had it been driven by love?