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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Of Beatitudes and Commandments - Review Article

Here is the response to Nathan Browns Article Of Beatitudes and Commandments
The Review did not publish this letter. In fact they have only printed letters who approve of their chosen boy.

Maybe it is my age or Nathan Brown's (Of Beatitudes and Commandments) Australian culture but I find his latest article to be a backhanded slap at political conservative Americans. As we have seen lately there are strong feelings in parts of the world that they know so much more then those here in America, except for those Liberals here in America who are certainly held to be worldly wise.

I note my age in the equation because Nathan mention "Commentator Kurt Vonnegut" who is one of the most famous living American authors, maybe over in Australia he is a commentator who knows, certainly an author and social commentator would be accurate. But maybe in Nathan's generation Vonnegut's books are unknown. Certainly he has a way with words yet I would not go to him for moral or religious instruction. When was the last time anyone demanded the posting of the 10 commandments in a public place? Most likely the tear in their eye was because the previously erected monument of the 10 Commandments is about to be removed. Vonnegut’s words here are as deceptive as Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 propaganda.

There has been little attempt made recently in America to place the 10 Commandment in any public places. Often times the plaques have been in place for many decades. What is new is the recent removal of such plaques. The attempts by certain secularists to remove from America its Judeo-Christian heritage. Both Jew and Christian readily accept the moral clarity of the 10 Commandments as a foundation upon which Western Law has been based. Which is why the 10 commandments displays were placed in Public buildings.

The Sermon on the Mount is a brilliant theological and philosophical treatise yet it would be totally useless as a basis for a legal system. Our courts are already filled and do not need to be further burdened with treating those who hate to a trial as if they had killed people. To God our thoughts are important; to a legal system our actions are important.

So I would say that before Mr. Brown declares, "much of what is offered publicly as Christian religion is conservative political activism", he should expand his own perspective. He should pay some attention to the actual history of this country as well as the anti-Christian activities in this country before he writes his material. As every year Christmas comes under more attack in America it becomes easier to see the anti-Christian bias in the media and segments of society. When Jewish and Islamic symbols can be displayed in New York public schools but not Christian symbols, it is time to wake up to some realities. I would suggest that Nathan begin his education by reading David Limbaugh's book "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity"

As to why the beatitudes are not posted in public buildings it is most likely because they all have to do with human conditions which can only be rectified or rewarded by God. For the final line of the Beatitudes says:

"Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Mat 5:12 NIV)

Whereas the 10 commandments give clear instructions as to specific things to do and not do. A good moral code for society verses the beatitudes blessings for perseverance in following God.

It is sad to see our Christian heritage, the very name of Jesus Christ be so systematically removed from our nation as members of our Church Administration and even our own Religious Liberty Magazine cheer on the deconstruction. It will not be long until America has joined the European nations as they seek to abandon Christianity. And it appears the Editor of South Pacific edition of Signs of the Times and the South Pacific Division Record has made his choice.

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