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Monday, February 01, 2010

Megachurch wants publicity no matter what

Here is an excerpt from Yahoo News, LA megachurch hopes to win Super Bowl ad contest The ad is for Doritos’ but it is based upon the mockery of the Resurrection of Jesus. Apparently this megachurch is populated by twenty-somethings who like to make short videos and have little understanding of Christianity or of the attacks against Christianity. Mainly the attack that says Jesus faked His death, there was not real resurrection it was just a hoax.

Here is the description of the video which you can watch here, from the AP story at Yahoo News:

“The tongue-in-cheek ad opens on a funeral scene and then cuts to a young man alive in a closed casket. His body is covered in Doritos and he is watching the Super Bowl on a tiny TV while chomping on chips as mourners sob outside. Two friends, who are in on the prank, snicker that by faking his death, their friend will get a week off work and an endless supply of his favorite snack.

But the man gets excited when his team makes a big play and jostles the casket, which tips over to reveal him inside with a pile of crushed chips.

After an awkward pause, his buddy jumps up and nervously exclaims to the shocked assemblage: "Aaaah! It's a miracle!"

Actually the Aaaah part is more singing reminiscent of Hallelujah.

So will this bring the gospel to people? Or bring people into this megachurch? Likely not but it does serve to bring disrepute on Christianity, the religion that opponents claim is a hoax. But then again I have yet to find a megachurch that offered really good teaching on theology so what could we expect. It seems to me that even the Liberal Christians like Bishop Spong though they don’t believe in the historical resurrection would have more respect for the concept than to make it a correlate with a hoax. Or even attempt to hear someone say the hoax idea of being trapped inside a coffin for even a day with only a salty snack and a TV is the act of a genius.

But it made news and apparently to some that is the point of life.

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