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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Last Generation Film

There is a very interesting film that is making it way around the Adventist communities. Today hopefully the conversation can be held throughout the Adventist world. The film has a website which gives a little background, I think there definition of Fundamentalism is a bit shallow. They link to a book on Google books which actually gives a much more thorough definition which they should have used though of course it is not found in a single sentance and it seems they preferred to use a sound bite type of definition.

Anyway I won't say much more on the topic now but here is the link to view the documentary. Take some time to check it out. It would make a very interesting Sabbath School discussion at the least.

Last Generation Film and audio mp3 version

I would advising saving the files (save link as) if you want the video, as streaming seems to be somewhat troublesome for the video part. Oh yes I also recommend the VLC player it will no doubt become your favorite player as well for video.

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