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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Interview with Andy Nash

Re-inventing the Adventist Wheel has a good interview posted with the new editor of Adventist Today, Andy Nash.

As I have suggested to the previous editor of AToday I think the most helpful thing the magazine can do to increase it's circulation and impact is to become a monthly magazine rather then it's current quarterly publication. I do believe there are plenty of writers in the SDA community willing to publish in AToday. Perhaps it would be necessary to decrease the payment to writers in a monthly publication but I don't believe many of the writers wrote their articles for the money anyway.

The satisfaction of being published in AToday is nice but the gratification of posting an article on the Internet is far more immediate. Also far less frustrating then when they tell you they are going to publish an article and you wait for another quarter or two for the publication. Actually that happened to me and they apparently decided not to publish it at all. But thanks to the Internet it is available. The Rise and Fall of Intellectual Christianity

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