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Monday, June 04, 2007

3ABN on Dish Network

The following is from Abundent Rest Blog:

We just received an e-mail update from Sky Angel notifying us of two major events for 3ABN:

1. It is now available in the regular DISH network line-up! After years of prayer and petitions, DISH has picked up 3ABN on their normal secular satellite feed for North America. It is included in the basic package, and is available to all DISH network subscribers on channel 9710.

2. For Sky Angel users, 3ABN is back in it’s slot on channel 9710! This means that those of us who have asked the question “where did 3ABN go?” now have it back! If you’ve already purchased another Adventist satellite system to replace your Sky Angel system, then consider donating your Sky Angel system to a friend or relative that may not know the three angel’s messages! It is a great witnessing opportunity with 3ABN, Safe TV, and other Adventist ministries reaching out with programming on a variety of channels now on Sky Angel.

Pass the word on to anyone you know who is interested in watching 3ABN or sharing 3ABN with their neighbors, friends, and relatives. With inclusion into the DISH line-up, it is now easier than ever for North American viewers to hear and see the three angel’s messages in action!

While it is true that 3ABN is on Dish Network the channel is not on popular Dish Network Satellites. As one Satellite discussion site post says:
My bother has DISH Programming off from 110. Would he be able to get 3ABN?
Currently, the only way to get 3ABN with E* or SA is using a dish at 129W and/or 61.5W. Right now it is not on the core slots at 110W/119W or the west coast at 148W.
It is apparently not on SkyAngel but will be available to SkyAngel subscribers. As the discussion on the above site continues:
"I am sorry if the title of this thread is a little misleading. 3ABN is not returning to SkyAngel but since it is returning to 61.5, SkyAngel subscribers will be able to receive it."
I just wanted to point this out in case someone heard it was available and tried to find it, odds are it is not on your Dish network system satellites if you have the most common entertainment packages.


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chankansin said...

have a sigh of relief, 3ABN is available on Dish Network.