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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Sermon You Should Hear

I have been listening to the Good News Tour 2006 talks found on the website. I am probably a little more then half way through and will offer some analysis in the near future. For now I would like to recommend people listen to Alden Thompson's talk entitled Jesus Solves All The Problems in The Bible

The title of course is a bit facetious but it is well worth listening to as it relates quite well with the quarter's Sabbath School Lessons on the Bible. what I like about Thompson is that he does not take verses out of context the way most of the other speakers at the conference do.

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Anonymous said...

Alden Thompson is among the most unique voices in Adventism, IMHO.

Interesting to see Ty Gibson on this itinerary. I remember his theology of a decade ago or so as being somewhat perfectionistic. At the same time, he managed to combine that with a very grace-centered style and approach. I think his writing has become more grace-centured in recent years.