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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Christians and Global Warming

When you read several of the Adventist blogs you see a lot of posts showing concern for human induced global warming. For instance Progressive Adventism has a recent post about a coalition of Christian College students and their concern that Christians show concern about human caused climate change.

I have posted before that this is mainly a misuse of science and we are seeing more and more the science community attempting to distance themselves from the less then scientific methods and pronouncements of the human induced Global warming crowd. I advise people to take the time to watch the British documentary entitled the Great Global Warming Swindle, it is once again on the Internet and should be watched by all concerned.

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al said...

Many appear to confuse global warming with pollution. I don’t want to live in a polluted world but I wouldn’t mind if where I live it warmed up a bit, particularly in the winter! The question I have is what is the ideal temperature?

Joel said...

keep up the positive work