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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Violence at Atlantic Union College

Since I am slow to get this weeks lesson critique done, here is a taste of violence perhaps the type that filled the earth before the flood, only this is at our Adventist College.

From the

Lumelsky said things became confused due to the chaotic riot that
erupted on the AUC campus before the stabbings took place. He said the
investigation is still ongoing and would exonerate Reid.

According to court documents, the Lancaster Police responded
to reports of a fight at the AUC campus Monday night. Upon arrival, it
appeared the "entire college population" was gathered on campus and
violence was everywhere.

"The situation was out of control," said the police report.
People were fighting in the parking lots, girls were screaming and
rolling in the street, rocks were being thrown and students were
running all over the place.

The report stated it was a "riotous situation" and "students
were throwing any objects they could get their hands on." Police were
informed that someone was injured in the gymnasium and quickly moved to
this location and secured it.

College authorities then requested police initiate a "complete
lockdown" of the campus and backup was called in from Clinton,
Lancaster and Bolton, according to the police report. Police said the
college dormitory deans were "extremely helpful" in directing students
back to their dorms while cruisers from surrounding towns stood guard
throughout the campus.

Police determined the fight started between students from
Haiti and students from Bermuda and that there had been tensions
between these two groups for the past few weeks. The situation "all
came to a head" during a soccer game Monday night. It began as a fight
between girls, but quickly included boys who "jumped in to defend the
girls." Atlantic Union College does not have an inter-scholastic
athletics program, but does run an intramural program that includes

Police maintained a presence at the college throughout the
night and are concerned about rumors that students plan to bring guns
onto the campus and "finish this battle," according to court documents.

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