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Monday, November 06, 2006

A Reminder of What Adventist Lesson Discussions Often Are.

Over at Club Adventist they have a Lesson Study section
They have placed the following introduction to the section. Maybe someday they will have a good discussion using the following rules where they all agree with the lesson study guide, though as of the last couple of years that has not happened. I have noticed that there really are a lot of people who find a blessing in being led without questioning. I doubt those kind of people visit this blog however, but they are invited. (Oh the link he offers is just to a general theology discussion area)
WHAT THIS IS... it is a place where people can study the weekly Sabbath School Lesson as a group. I so appreciate the work that James puts into this.

WHAT THIS IS NOT... it is NOT a place where those who constantly disagree with the teaching of the lesson should take the blessing away of those who enjoy it.

The negativity has destroyed forums like this in the past.

If you want to disagree with a generally accepted belief of Adventist then please go to another forum such as this one

When people are studying a lesson, or going though a book together, they should not have to be defensive with those who are not supportive of the study.

It kills the pleasure defending every comment that is made..

Too many people have been turned off by those who feel they need to argue every little trivial point.

That is just how it is.

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