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Monday, June 19, 2006

Affect of the Blogosphere on Religious Denomination

A lesson on the importance of membership action is the conclusion of the following article:

The Evangelicals are Mellowing by E.J. Dionne

One other force was at work in this year's Baptist voting: the rise of the blogosphere.

Over the last few years, an active network of Baptist bloggers has opened up discussion in the convention and given reformers and moderates avenues around what Parham called "the Baptist establishment papers" and other means of communication controlled by the leadership. Thus may some of our most traditional institutions be transformed by new technologies.

Religious movements stay vibrant thanks to the complicated interaction of fidelity, reflection and reform. The evangelical world is going through a quiet evolution as believers reflect on the perils of partisanship and ideology and their reasons for being Christian. This will probably affect the nation's political life, but it will certainly affect the country's spiritual direction. My hunch is that even solid conservatives will welcome the change.

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