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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Christianity at Bay, Spectrum article

Another Brillant article, yes true it is mine but I am not biased. When we look at the world today I wonder how anyone can believe that a strict fundamentalist Christian religion will ever become the dominant force in America.

Christianity at Bay

By Ron Corson
(March 2, 2005)

Lately, I find little with which I can agree as I read the opinion pieces in Time magazine. However, I recently read an essay that contained statements with which I could agree.

In her essay "The Battle Is Over, but the War Goes On" (Dec. 6, 2004), author Michelle Cottle posits the following : "Those who think they won on ’moral values’ may be in for a surprise." Cottle notes that liberals are "discombobulating" over the U.S. presidential election in November. But she attempts to comfort them with assurance that they "have the luxury of ignoring conservative America," with only rare intrusions. "Social conservatives, by contrast, cannot escape the world view of blue staters," she asserts. "Every time they go to the movies or turn on the television or open their child’s school books they’re reminded that traditional values ain’t what they used to be."

A cultural shift is happening in the United States, a shift away from traditional values to, as radio commentator Bill O’Reilly would say, a "Progressive Secularism." A media machine seems intent with an agenda for removing Christianity and many traditional values. Progressive Secularism is rampant in the educational system of the United States, from the lofty towers of universities to kindergartens.

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