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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dr. Laura’s Morality Pacific Union Recorder

Principles of Congregational Ethics Dr. Laura’s Morality
By Mark F. Carr, Ph.D.

Dr. Laura bugs me! She is mean to her audience; no, she is brutal to her audience. In a matter of seconds, maybe a few minutes, she psycho-analyzes those who call in to her radio show. The advice she gives them usually revolves around ethics and morality of a personal sort.

...In ethics and morality, some of us have a tendency to boil things down to a few essential elements. Dr. Laura thinks, as do many others, that our concern for living life morally will be taken care of when we “do the right thing.”

I have to admit Dr. Laura bugs me too. But I also must admit she is frequently right. It is interesting that Dr. Laura who is a fairly religious Jew probably means more then just behavior when she says "now go and do the right thing". In Christian theology doing the right thing is to connect with God, the relationship that produces the actions which are also the right things.

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