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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Acer Aspire One model ZG5 Bios fix

I am going to post this because after searching and searching the web for information on the problem with the Acer Aspire One not restarting from sleep/hibernation my Acer would not restart even if you held the power button down. There was all kinds of advice on computer forums most of it worthless. Then one guy gave me the right information and sent me to the following Acer page where you can update the bios even though you computer won't even start. Here is there instructions and the link to the page. I hope this helps people.

How do I update the BIOS on my Acer Aspire One AOA110 or AOA150 netbook?
Note: These instructions are only for the Acer Aspire One AOA110 and the AOA150 netbook series and should not be performed on any other model Acer Aspire One.
Updating the BIOS will require a USB flash drive to store the BIOS information on during the update. To perform the update to the BIOS:
  1. From the drivers home page, click Netbook and select your series and product.
  2. Click on the BIOS tab and download and extract the latest BIOS for the netbook.
  3. The files required will be in the Dos_Flash subdirectory.
  4. Rename the BIOS file from 3310.fd to zg5ia32.fd.
  5. Copy zg5ia32.fd and Flashit.exe to the USB flash drive
  6. Ensure that the AC adapter is plugged in.
  7. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port.
  8. Press and hold down the Fn and the Esc keys together and press the power button.
  9. When the netbook's power light comes on, wait a few seconds and release the Fn and Esc keys.
  10. After the keys have been released the power light will start to blink.
  11. During the BIOS update process the display will be blank.
  12. Let the unit run and after approximately 1 to 7 minutes, the unit should reboot and the BIOS will be updated.
If the unit fails to reboot, or the BIOS was not updated successfully, try the steps again. If the problem persists, contact Acer support.

For the AOA150 here is the download bios web page,%20CHROMEBOOK&Step2=ASPIRE%20ONE&Step3=AOA150&OS=ALL&LC=en&BC=ACER&SC=PA_6

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Anonymous said...

If copying 3310.fd from the Dos_Flash folder doesn't work, copy 3310.fd from BIOS_ACER_3310_Windows_AOA110 & AOA150 folder and rename zg5ia32.fd. that seemed to work for me.