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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Biased news at Atoday, what is social justice anyway?

Notice this headline from Adventist Pastor Prays for Social Justice and Individual Morality

The article then goes on to report about an Adventist Pastor in Jamaica reported by the Jamaican paper "the Gleaner". Yet if you look at the Gleaner article here. You see not one mention of the phrase "social justice". So how does he pray for social Justice if he does not mention social justice. I wonder. Perhaps the news people over at Atoday can give us the definition of "social justice" Of course they never have before but maybe they can now that they have determined people are praying for it without actually praying for it.

If you think you are getting news in the Adventist media you are not. Their biases prevent them from actually reporting news and that is pretty sad. Why they could not even give the link to the Gleaner article...but I guess that makes sense you would not want to post the link to the article that proves your headline is a lie would they.

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