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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fooish Bloggers

Adventist Today has a link to a blog critical of Adventist Today. Atoday says:

Kenneth R. Lytle, author of the conservative Adventist blog "21st Century Adventism," is a critic of liberal and progressive Adventism. In a recent blog, entitled "Is the magazine, Adventist Today, truly Adventist?" he urges his readership to write a "kind/loving" letter to the General Conference and "ask them to review the current work of the [Adventist Today] publication."
 When you click on the link and read the article by this conservative blogger, and I guess we have to call him a blogger even though he removes any comments that go against his conservative articles, we read the following:

“Adventist Today” has gone a little too far this time. Even though Mission Catalyst has some good mission ideas and educational material, they should never be allowed to publish their anti-Adventist views in an “Adventist” publication. Publishing the Open Letter by Ron Gladden is like stabbing your brother in the back.

Think about it… “Adventist Today” is endorsing Mission Catalyst’s invitation to leave the Adventist denomination by publishing the Open Letter. Ron Gladden says, “If your frustration tempts you to walk away from your church, please don’t give up on the message. Pray about launching a Mission Catalyst church in your city. Help us with your giving.” Read the letter for yourself.

Here is what the open letter from Mission catalyst actually said:
Here is our advice: If you are happy with the Seventh-day Adventist church, do your best to build it up and make it effective. If God is calling you to give and serve in your local church, do it with all your heart. Mission Catalyst has always prayed for the success of the denomination. We share the mission and message, and we wish God's blessings upon it.

If, on the other hand, you feel like the Church is moving in a direction you cannot support, don't badmouth your church. Don't stir up a ruckus in an effort to change it. And please don't bail out on the message. If you are frustrated with whatever it might be, do not abandon the things you believe. Consider that God may urge you to join Mission Catalyst on a Spirit-led journey to create grace-filled, Bible-based communities of faith that make Jesus first and reach people far from God.

Then the closing paragraph contains the line which the conservative blogger took out of context for his blog article."
Allow me to repeat myself. If you are happy in your church, build it up in every way you can. We are sincerely praying for you. If your frustration tempts you to walk away from your church, please don't give up on the message. Pray about launching a Mission Catalyst church in your city. Help us with your giving. Sponsor a salary for a city. Re-embrace the vision of a healthy, happy church that reaches people for the kingdom.

I posted a comment on the conservative blogger's site where I told him that good writing calls for the use of ellipses when one takes a portion of a paragraph so that the reader knows that there was other things written in direct connection to  sentence lifted from the original context. That when you lift something out of context you end up making yourself as an author look less credible. The blogger in question then removed my comment as I am sure he removed other comments from his article linked to at Atoday. Adventist Today should have set up the link in its regular article form so that people could comment on the Atoday website. But they probably did not realize the censorship the blogger in question uses.

We are constantly reminded that this is the kind of mindset we fight against in the Adventist Church. People who believe themselves to be in the right yet are incapable of dealing with those who oppose their thinking or who simply try to correct their errors and biases. You will notice I did not link to the blog, (you can find it through the Atoday link above however) that is on purpose as it is not worth giving that blog the increased exposure it would get by linking from my blog. I would have if they accepted comments but since they don't it is just another narrow minded person spouting propaganda by taking words out of context.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the whole idea of writing to the GC about Adventist Today reveals ignorance about what an independent press is all about. People post similar sentiments on Spectrum from time to time also. They want the GC to police any publications related to Adventism. The GC does not control these publications and we can thank God for that!

Anonymous said...

You have to use God's principles to build up God's kingdom. Lying by way of omission is still lying. So it goes.

Kenneth R. Lytle said...

Thank you for the label. Yes, I know I could tighten up my writing skills, but overall, the message is solid (thanks for the tip).

When I say we should contact the GC... I am asking that we do not allow these types of media sources to use real Adventist events and sources as a tool to push their anti-Adventist views. Spectrum and Adventist Today should not have been allowed to rent booths at the GC Session. They are only hurting the Adventist movement God has created for these last days.

My main goal is to support God's end time Church and encourage Adventists to stand up for the truth in love.

Ken Lytle -

Anonymous said...

Every Adventist knows, that the GC SDA Church is a LUKEWARM Laodicean Church, right?

But what does Christ say about the LUKEWARM Church?

"If the church of God becomes lukewarm, IT DOES NOT STAND IN FAVOUR WITH GOD ANY more than do the churches that are represented as having fallen and BECOME THE HABITATION OF DEVILS and the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird." Letter 35, 1898, p. 6-7

How can anybody speak of an spiritual revival of an Church that has become an HABITATION OF DEVILS ?

Christ stated in Rev. 2:9, that the GC SDA Church will become an Synagogue of Satan, just like the temple Jerusalem became an Synagogue of Satan, so will be spiritual Jerusalem = GC SDA Church.

Believe me SDA members, Christ knows what he is talking about !!!

Ron Corson said...

To the above anonymous commenter:

I don't know whose side you are on, but it does appear your thinking processes are severely muddled.