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Monday, January 04, 2010

For the record I am not a Jesuit!

Imagine my surprise when wandering about on the internet I discovered that I was named as a Jesuit! Just to be clear I am not a Jesuit, have never been anything other than a Seventh-day Adventist and I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist. Now who knows about the future but the likelihood that I will go through the process of becoming a Jesuit is pretty unlikely. Here are some of the quotes from the website. [I reduced the size of the fonts that he used so that my post looks better]

A JESUIT Speaks:

He is first dividing Seventh-day Adventists into classes. TSDA's = Traditonal Seventh-day Adventists; PSDA's = Progressive Seventh-day Adventists. We have already shown that this treasonous endeavor that has dominated the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not biblical.

Ron Corson: Why I am a "Progressive" Seventh-day Adventist

[PROGRESSIVE ADVENTIST PROPERLY DEFINED: A band of Jesuits determined that the Seventh-day Adventist Church MUST change and become cooperatively ecumenical so that it can join with the rest of the churches to form one big global church. The people pushing it are very patient to confuse their agenda even to conjuring up plans that appear anti-ecumenical, but the object is to lead the church ultimately to that route...

He Then goes on to quote much of my article with his insertions interlined. For example:

They have the tremendous patience and persistence of fascists. They never give up their agenda even if they are expelled. They will bark till the end how everyone must be tolerant. As was shown by the tumult caused during the forceful pushing of the Celebration Worship Style in the Adventist Church, WHEN THEY GET THE UPPER-HAND, THEY WILL NOT THINK TWICE TO EXPEL THOSE WHO EVEN SPEAK AGAINST THEIR IDEAS OR MOVEMENTS.]

He writes: Why I am a Progressive Seventh-day Adventist; Am I a Dreamer or just a Fool.

Several years ago I wrote an article for Adventist Today on the differences between Traditional Seventh-day Adventists (TSDA’s) and Progressive Seventh-day Adventists (PSDA’s). The question that is still often asked of me is why, if I don’t agree with the TSDA’s views, I am still an SDA. [He, by the ideas he holds and by his intolerance and insistence that everyone must accept his ideas, never was a Seventh-day Adventist and never will be!] That question is not restricted to being asked by the TSDA’s; it is asked by former Adventists and even other PSDA’s. To most it appears that the default position of Adventism is the TSDA viewpoint. Frankly I ask myself the question far too often.

As you can tell his comments don't really deal with what I said as much as his bias against me. You will notice that before he quotes my article he asserts in red capitals how Progressive Adventists " WILL NOT THINK TWICE TO EXPEL THOSE WHO EVEN SPEAK AGAINST THEIR IDEAS OR MOVEMENTS."

Here are few of the other comments he makes:

[But millions of other and by far the majority of Adventists WOULDN'T! Should loyal Adventist care what the "Progressive Adventists" think when these "Progressive Adventists always show they don't care what anyone else thinks, even starting tumult in the Adventist Church because they can't keep their "dreams" to themselves, nor go away and join others with their same "dreams?"]

[Here it comes! The terrible disease of the "Progressive Adventists!" When anything comes that challenges their Jesuit revolutions that everyone MUST have, they attack it and leave the tolerance and the debating behind. That is why THEY ALWAYS must make reference to the terrible "weaknesses" of Ellen White and then grump because we must find it necessary to point out their weaknesses they are very proud of! First is a put down of Ellen White or anyone else who stands in their way, then they even create "worship styles" and concepts none of even God's prophets ever dared to do! Before they move to commit treason in the church, shouldn't they look in their mirrors and first tell themselves how perfect they are?]

[If we tell the truth, we will warn Adventists that "Progressive Adventists" never were Adventists at all, but are Jesuits!]

Okay I admit it is poorly written and reflects poorly on the author of the website but I had to point it out after all it is not everyday that I learn that there is some Adventist with the secret knowledge that I am a Jesuit.

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Ted McMillan said...

You mean you can admit that you don't give a Jesuit about the readers disagreeing with your almighty declarations. How can you admit that my webpage was poorly written? Anything like admitting the Adventist Church must change and make you creatures dominate it? Who was urging you to admit that my articles were poorly written?

Okay then, I admit you are a Jesuit. It's a generic germ meaning that you work for the Papacy. It is not based upon what you say or what I say. It's based upon actions. Can you tell others to focus upon Christ and then you focus on the administration of the SDA Church and struggle to change it? Can you then tell what a dissident is when those who created and sustained it don't want you to guinea-pig it?

If you can prove you're not a Jesuit by merely admitting you're not, we can prove that we're not mean, critical, judgmental nor pharisaical by merely admitting it too.