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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some Free Music

Many of you are probably saying to yourself, sure Ron sometimes reviews music but he never gives us any links to free music. Well talk to yourselves no more today I am going to give you two free CD’s worth of good music.

The first is Ross King’s latest CD brought to you by Here you can find many artists who you can buy their music for whatever you want to pay or get free downloads for simply referring 5 email names.

I have liked Ross King for a while sort of a story teller singer with a voice similar to Chris Tomlin a nice album that I am sure many of you will like.

The second artist is a group called Ambright. They are a more rock and roll and aggressive sound than Ross King. But their music is very interesting and really quite good. You can hear samples on their myspace page at and you can download their latest CD for free at simply type or paste the code "flicker" (without the quote marks)

I have used both these sites and they do not really spam you and both have a lot of good independent artists. Of course I only mention the best, the ones I really like but there is quite a bit for other tastes also. Give these two a try and let me know what you think or if you find any others you like.

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