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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another SDA Prophet?

My last post dealt with how the Adventist church has removed any semblance of reason when they purport to analyze Ellen White as a prophet. It is rather telling that in the last weeks lesson they address the fulfillment of prophecy yet don’t give a single prophecy that Ellen White gave that was fulfilled and address a false prediction explained away by saying it was conditional and that God would have come if people did what they were supposed to do; in essence making the testing of a prophet meaningless. So what is the effect of the traditional Adventist teaching doing to traditional Adventists?

I just saw some discussion of a new prophet in the Adventist church someone named Ernie Knoll. He as a website entitled On the site is a commission of anonymous people who as an anonymous group sought to investigate whether Knoll was a prophet or not. Here are a few excerpts with a few comments I inserted in red:

With this document we want to share the united opinion of many who have studied and compared the dreams of Ernie Knoll against the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. However, a little background on who we are and the process is in order.

Does the Bible ever suggest that we test a prophet by the writings of Ellen White (Spirit of Prophecy being the euphemism for EGW’s writings)? Hardly but what this so called commission has done is to elevate EGW to the level of the Bible.

It was also decided as we studied to keep our findings to our self as to not promote a fore or against decision. As time went and additional dreams came we decided to broaden our group study. Invitations were sent out to 'select' individuals to participate in an in depth study of the dreams. The stipulation was set forth that the invited individual would remain anonymous along with the rest of the established group and that their name would never be shared.

Did you get that “never be shared” we have a truly forever and always anonymous select commission. Sounds promising doesn’t it?

As the group grew the group moved to an email discussion in a closed online forum. The men in this now large study group are made up of the following individuals. Active and retired pastors from the General Conference. Select leaders from different Unions. Active and retired pastors from select Seventh-Day Adventist churches. Active and retired teachers and professors from different academies, colleges and universities. Literature evangelists. Attorneys from private as well as firm based. Select ardent students of the Bible. It was this large group that we began an ardent and exhaustive study of the dreams of Brother Ernie Knoll.

Did you catch that part? “The men” only men are involved, and now it is a large group of ardent students of the Bible cowering in a group who is promised they will remain anonymous. You get the feeling right away that you can trust this group don’t you?

We set forth to either prove or disprove these messages. They were either from God or from Satan. It was decided early on that we would not rush forward with our findings. We have seen many others who have done this and we as a group will address these as well.

Either God or Satan, no other possibility, similar to claims by EGW that her writing are either inspired by God or Satan. She can’t fit any opinions in there, none of her own thoughts…well that is until people start looking at comments about amalgamation of man and beast and coal fired volcanoes etc. Anyway this group of anonymous people or person because how do we know there is really more than one person involved, is not going to rush their anonymous findings.

They begin the test by tracking down the person who was a former prostitute who life was changed. They tracked her down and witness some prophetic miracles and conclude:

At the end of the meeting Candace requested that the three pastors never disclose where she lives nor her real name. On behalf of the group that sent the three pastors a request was made that she not disclose the names of the three pastors.

Impressive the anonymous commission tracks her down and she requests to be anonymous and the three pastors who visit her remain anonymous. How convenient, but apparently very convincing to the commission of anonymous Adventist leaders both former and current.

They then deal with some critics of Knoll:

…Not long after this comment Brother Wohlberg states that 1st John 4 1-3 is not a valid test. The entire study group had a problem with this comment from brother Wolhberg. Another item was the fact that he denies that Jesus came in the flesh as Adam after sin without the propensity to sin. This setup another red flag to the study group as to the validity of his thinking. When we studied in the April 12, 2008 dream titled Love and Rebuke, we quickly realized that this was addressing Steve Wolhberg and White Horse Media.

That verse is summed up:

(1 John 4:2 NIV) This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,

It can hardly be a valid test if anyone accepts that even the Devil can appear as an angel of light, funny also because Adventist history says the Pope is anti-Christ yet they all agree that Jesus came in the flesh. It might work as a test to winnow down the possible prophets if they did not Believe Jesus Christ came in the flesh but not much else. Then we see the thinking of the group because they can’t trust Wolhberg because he does not believe in their Post lapsarian view. So now we can see what kind of people make up this select group of ardent and anonymous students of the Bible. They then interpret a really vague dream as a prophecy of financial trouble to Steve Wolhberg’s ministry. As if there is not enough ministries out there in fear of loss of funds.

I will let those of you read the Great Commission Council findings (yes that is really what they call themselves) and you can see the type of strangeness that traditional Adventism can produce. By the way this all seems to be summed up in the need for Adventist to read the old book by Joe Crews "Creeping Compromise". Only now it is directly a message from God. I think that is one of the books my church has in the foyer. One of those books of the last generation perfectionists who are a bane to the Adventist church, the predecessor of Doug Batchelor.

Garbage in Garbage out!


Raul Batista (Varonelo) said...

Ron, this is fascinating stuff. Thanks for alerting us regarding this gentleman. I like keeping track of people who think themselves SDA prophets. It's only natural since so much emphasis is put on present truth that every few years someone feels that they have received the prophetic gift. God bless you in your web ministry.

Anonymous said...

"I think that is one of the books my church has in the foyer. One of those books of the last generation perfectionists who are a bane to the Adventist church, the predecessor of Doug Batchelor."
You seem to have not read this book yet you criticize it and generalize the people who have as perfectionists. In the same vein you could call all christians crazy because of those who are. You also seem angry, and criticize as a vent. Too bad, shaped differently this article could have been good and constructive.

Ron Corson said...

I guess I will just post this here instead of putting up another post on the subject of Ernie Knoll. But the esteemed board has recently decided he is not a prophet (what a surprise) here is what the website says:

"The 4 His People Ministry Board learned of some very disturbing information the week of July 15. This information has led us
to believe that though the dreams appear to be of a supernatural source, we now believe that this source was of Satan.

Along with the meetings being cancelled and no future meetings authorized by the board, please know that Ernie and Becky Knoll are suspended from any activity related to the 4 His People Ministry.

Please cease contributing funds to this ministry.

For those of you who read the testimony and/or received emails from someone going by the name of “Candace”, we were able to
determine through tracking email IP information, that Ernie Knoll is “Candace”. When pressed, he admitted to this on July 21
at 2:43pm in a phone call to two ministry board members. We have also determined that the “Great Commission Counsel” is also Ernie Knoll.

We urge everyone who has a “dream book” to throw it away, as we now understand that there are mind control elements in it.

We sincerely apologize to all who have read and believed these messages. We pray that those whose lives have been affected,including those of us on this ministry team and our families, will find closure. Thankfully, we have a loving Savior in Jesus Christ
who is willing to forgive all who come to Him with sincere epentance.

While we have concerns about some of the arguments and statements made by those who openly opposed the dreams, we apologize
to you specifically. We may at some time in the future ask that you consider the unscriptural positions taken, but it is clearly
not appropriate at this time.

Please know that all of us involved in this ministry, only ever wanted to serve in the cause of Christ, to win souls for the kingdom. It is our prayer that those who have returned to Jesus, as a result of these messages, will not cast Him aside. While we cannot trust in man’s opinions, we can trust Jesus. Always look to Jesus for light and strength. May He find us ready, when He returns.

4 His People Ministry Board"

Karla Larsson said...

Ernie Knoll has admitted, when confronted by the board members of 4 His People ministry, to having himself written the letters from Candace and that there was no group who investigated Candace and Ernie, that he wrote that entire document. You will be startled and pleased to read the post at Ernie's website which exposes him for the fraud he was:

NJK Project said...

The following, growing, Biblically analytical commentary on the ministry and revelations of Ernie Knoll may be helpful in this discussion:

God Bless!