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Friday, June 13, 2008

SDA Spammers

It does not take too long in any religious community until you find that there are people who become so invested in an idea that they freely lie and try to make others believe their lies. Somehow I got on a mailing list from That appears to be a spam address as I can't find an internet service provider by that name. In this latest piece of drivel from the Jesuit conspiracy theorist philton.moore who proudly hides his/her identity. He/she steals an article posted on a Church of God website entitled From Sabbath to Sunday: The Bacchiocchi Agenda Which "Sabbath" Does He Truly Support? The Spammer changes the title to From Sabbath to Sunday: Is Dr. Bacchiocchi A Jesuit or otherwise an Agent of Rome? Which "Sabbath" Does Dr. Bacchiocchi Really Support? The Spammer requests at the top of the Spam E-mail FOR THE WIDEST POSSIBLE CIRCULATION AMONG SDAs.

Aside from stealing the main parts of the article the spammer adds his/her own lies to the article in an attempt to Make Dr. Bacchiocchi out to still be a Roman Catholic. Here is what he/she says in part (colors supplied in the E-mail):
Here are Dr. B’s own words from his website:

"I grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist in Rome, Italy, a stone-throw from the Vatican wall in the days when considerable hostility existed against religious minorities.

[Note: This appears to be the first blatant inconsistency in Dr. B's personal testimony regarding his family and religious history! For as you will recall at the very start of this email I quoted Dr. as saying
"I was born in a godly Catholic family" and that "For the first 18 years of my life I lived [as a Roman Catholic] under the shadow of the Vatican. My parents attended Sunday Mass regularly and recited the rosary faithfully every night." Question: How could Dr. B. claim that he "GREW UP AS A SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST" when on his own admission, "for the 18 years" of his life he was a Roman Catholic, and his parents attended Mass faithfully every night??

Here our intrepid spammer inserts in brackets one of his lies by making it appear that Dr. B said he grew up as a Roman Catholic, by his own admission. Of course the admission was not to growing up a Roman Catholic but to living under the shadow of the Vatican. It is nearly impossible to read Dr. B's piece and misunderstand this, the only exception is if you don't care anything about the truth and are so obsessed you can't read straight and have no problem with telling lies. Here is what Dr. B says in the context of the quote our spammer used (notice the line in bold):

My Parent’s Discovery of the Sabbath

I was born in a godly Catholic family that lived close to the Vatican wall. For the first 18 years of my life I lived under the shadow of the Vatican. My parents attended Sunday Mass regularly and recited the rosary faithfully every night. This continued until my father was introduced for the first time to the study of the Bible by a fellow carpenter who belonged to the Waldensian Church. In their earnest desire to become better acquainted with the teachings of the Scriptures, my parents joined the Waldensian Church when I was a year old baby. They attended with keen interest also the mid-week Bible study conducted by students of the Waldensian School of Theology in Rome.

One Wednesday evening, a theology student presented a Bible study on the origin and significance of the Sabbath. Basing his meditation on Genesis 2:2-23, the young man explained how the Sabbath is a creation ordinance for mankind. The presentation sparked a lively debate between those students who defended the Biblical origin and validity of Sunday observance and the few who refuted such a view by arguing for the continuity of the Sabbath. That animated discussion left my father astonished and perplexed, because he firmly believed that Sundaykeeping was a biblical institution, established by Christ and the apostles. That experience ignited my father’s interest for the study of the Biblical basis and historical origin of Sundaykeeping.

Months of intense study led father to the conclusion that the seventh-day Sabbath had not been nullified but rather clarified and magnified by Christ’s teaching and example. In fact, he became convinced that the Sabbath is a divine institution that enables the believer to express and experience commitment to the Savior.

Unable to find in Rome a Christian Church that observed the seventh-day Sabbath, for several months my parents chose to worship privately in their home on the Sabbath, thus disconnecting their affiliation with the Waldensian Church. An invitation to attend a Bible study held in the home of a friend, introduced father and mother to a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which they soon joined. ENDTIME ISSUES NEWSLETTER No. 159

The problem here aside from lies and spam is the stupidity of the Jesuit hunter mindset that inhabit many of the Traditional Adventists in the SDA church. Truth is of no importance to these people as it is of no importance to the spammer. They are an embarrassment to all SDA's and a disgrace to anyone who knows how to read.


Anonymous said...

Not particularly relevant to your main point, but information can be found using whois. There's more information here.

stefan said...

I'm an exasperated recipient too.

Googled "Philton Moore" and found
this link.

He is a real person, not a spammer pseudonym. (His books are even available at Amazon.)

Ron Corson said...

I just checked Amazon and there are books listed with him as the author. thank God they are unavailable. Probably made up of plagiarized material also I would guess.

stefan said...

He's a lawyer in the UK, and him and his wife (?) have an organic farm in NJ... thanks Mega-shake-google :-)

Anonymous said...

We had a spam problem from this same individual. Here's how we solved it:

Contacted his ISP at:,2705,2722&p_param=p_afd_subject=I%20have%20a%20general%20complaint&p_afd_inc_router=BTBroadband&p_afd_kana_target=&p_afd_form_id=&p_afd_customer_classification=complaint&p_afd_customer_category=BTBB%20Complaint&p_afd_cat_lvl1=&p_afd_cat_lvl2=&p_afd_cat_lvl3=&p_source=helpandsupport

I am not a BT customer. I keep getting spam from an email address/account that belongs to BT. I have asked the sender to stop repeatedly and there is no response. I quick google check reveals that I am not the only one being spammed by this BT account. Please take corrective action to stop this source of spam ASAP. Thank you.

Email address:

Link showing others are getting spam from this account:

We also emailed the Abuse section of his ISP and CC'd with the following complaint:

This BT account is spamming us. We did not sign up for this "newsletter" or mailing list and we have asked the sender to stop repeatedly and there is no response. This newsletter in not in compliance with the CAN-SPAM law as there is no way to opt out of the newsletters. Please take corrective action to stop this source of spam ASAP. We are reporting every incident to and the Federal Trade Commission ( Thank you.

All such newsletters have now stopped.

Ted McMillan said...

May I suggest, as an "Historic Adventist" that you guys submit to training on how to email Christ about this problem?

Still, it's better to be a "Jesuit Hunter," since they are still alive, still warned about in the prophecies and still causing trouble, than be an Ellen White hunter. She's already dead almost 100 years, but who can get the "Progressive Adventists" to calm down and drink milk?

Anonymous said...

I was sent a news letter a couple of days ago by a friend. I haven't stopped to read it but I think that it would be better to do some studying in the Bible and the SOP. Then you would learn what God wants us to know. If you think that there are no Jesuits in the church you are wrong. There was one here for 6 years and he all but distroyed the churchs in the area. There are many different groups springing up all over the world because we are not living and learning what God has said and wants of us. If you don't spend time with God and His word how are to know what is true and what is error.