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Monday, November 26, 2007

New Book on Adventists

From Carolina
New book sheds light on Adventist

By Adam MacInnis Staff writer
(Published November 22‚ 2007)

CLOVER -- For 27 years, Edith Fairman Cooper was a faithful Seventh Day Adventist.

She was religious liberty secretary, taught at Sabbath School and was once Sabbath School Superintendent.

But that was all before 2002, when she took a closer look at what her church believed. Now she's Baptist.

Cooper, a Clover resident who spent 35 years doing research for the U.S. Congress, said she was talking to a friend one day when he said, "You know what they say about Adventists."

She didn't, but determined to find out.

She found several online Web sites that said what Seventh Day Adventists said was wrong. She decided to see for herself whether there was any truth to what was said or if it was just disgruntled Adventists.

"I wanted to step back from that and look at it objectively, like I would a reporter writing for Congress and see what both sides of the issues are saying," she said.

She has reported her findings in a new book, "It's all about Jesus: Observations of a former Seventh Day Adventist."

Her findings aren't what she had hoped for, she said.


austinabbott said...

How did you come across this?

I wonder what she thinks EGW wrote that contradicts the Bible? In fact I'm not at all sure anything can really be proven to contradict the Bible since it says so many different things, such as about faith and works for instance.

Anonymous said...

When a person is on a quest to find fault in something, he will so manipulate the facts that he will have what he thinks to be good reason to declare them to be at fault.

Does this then mean he is correct? In his eyes he is, because he does not think he can be wrong; and nothing will convince him otherwise because he really isn't looking at the facts; rather, he is merely looking at his bias against the facts.

Anonymous said...

I also want to add that those who seek to make a profit from putting down a ministry that is ordained by God may be rewarded well by the devil for the remainder of their lifetime; but all of that worldly wealth will be stripped from them when they are thrown into the lake of fire.

She better hope for the sake of her soul that she is right!