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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amalgamation and Ellen White

For The Gospel Blog as presented an interesting discussion on a recent AAF by Joe T. Wiley.

His Forum subject was Amalgamation of Man and Beast: An Adventist Blemish
The above link is a PDF file for the slides of the presentation and they contain a good deal of interesting information. Most Adventists merely ignore this issue but it does have some serious consequences upon the inspiration of Ellen White. His presentation also goes over some of the aspects of what Ellen White believed about the people before the flood. Even, he seems to have covered the view that some defenders of Ellen White proposed that those people were so scientifically advanced that they were genetically manipulating as in gene splicing technology of today. Which when you think about it without the sophistication of electrical devices and chemical and material processing would have to be so advanced as to resemble more psychic surgery then any science we know of today.

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Anonymous said...

The creation of such chimeras is moving forward quickly today. Just do a quick Google Search. So it isn't as farfetched as you suggest.