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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adventist Grooming Controversies

Hoobes' Place blog has a very fun article on some of the controversy head hair has had in the Adventists Church. Showing history can be fun: To Beard or not to Beard.. That is the Question

At the 1866 General Conference Session on May 17 a series of resolutions passed by the Battle Creek Church were read. These resolutions included the following statement:

“We hold that in the matter of shaving and coloring the beard, some of our brethren display a species of vanity equally censurable with that of certain of the sisters in dressing the hair; and that in all cases should they discard every style which will betoken the air of the fop; but while we have no objections to a growth of beard on all parts of the face, as nature designed it, yet where any portion of the beard is removed, we think the brethren greatly err from the sobriety of the Christian in donning the mustache or goatee.

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