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Monday, February 19, 2007

More on 3ABN

There are a few interesting news items regarding 3ABN. Though I am sure many of the readers of this blog don't spend too much time watching 3ABN, since they are a popular representative of the Seventh-day Adventist church, though not officially a part of the SDA church, it is of interest even to those who do not hold to the traditionalism of the 3ABN theology.

Recently Adventist Today put out an article over the resignation of Tommy Shelton and the accusations of sexual abuse:

By Edwin D. Schwisow, for ATNewsbreak (09 February 2007).

Facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, Tommy Shelton, production manager at Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and brother of 3ABN President Danny Shelton, announced his retirement in a December 31, 2006 broadcast of 3ABN Live. Although not owned or operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, many of 3ABN’s employees and volunteers are Adventist Church members. In a telephone interview with a representative of Adventist Today, Danny Shelton confirmed that his brother had left the employ of 3ABN for “health reasons.”

On a related 3ABN subject there is a letter circulating from Linda Shelton which calls for the 3ABN board to release the information showing that she was adulterous in her marriage to Danny Shelton. The Letter is posted on

It was the false accusation of adultery which caused the loss of my marriage, my reputation, my employment, and everything else. I challenge the 3ABN Board to produce the "irrefutable evidence" which caused a co-founder, a life-time Board member, Vice-President and Secretary of the Board to be removed in that May, 2004 meeting! I am asking, no demanding, that the information is made public, at my request! Cast aside these pretended desires to "spare me"! The world is waiting with baited breath!

It is about time that Linda Shelton called the board to account for their actions. Why Christians think they will be better off hiding information and evidence I don't understand unless they think that they will be found to be deceptive themselves. To declare someone guilty but refusing to show the evidence of such guilt is hardly the American view of justice. It does have more in common with totalitarian organizations however and that is a problem for contributors to 3ABN, or it will be a problem when they discover the truth.

As time goes by and Danny quickly remarried it does appear that the evidence was not as claimed by the leaders of 3ABN. Now that Linda has asked to see the evidence I think it is time for 3ABN to come forward with what they know or do not know.

Update: has a whole section about 3ABN for those interested:


Anonymous said...

I have seen the proof of adultery that Linda Shelton is requesting be made public:


Kate said...

On the websites John gave aside from misquoted Bible texts the only "evidence" I saw was that she bought a pregnancy test kit after her husband had a vasectomy. Big deal. That happened to a friend of mine. After the baby was born they did a test and it belonged to her husband! The human body does heal itself you know.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Linda Shelton bought a pregnancy test after her husband had a vasectomy proves nothing but she bought a pregnancy test.
I have not heard or read a direct explanation from her. She could of bought it to see if she had become pregnant from Danny. This is very possible. I know of one instance where a lady friend of mine had a relationship with a man and she became pregnant. The man had a vasectomy many years before. I was even accused by my own wife of being the father but I also have a vasectomy and I had no relations with the woman. The woman eventually confirmed to the man that the child was his and he married her. Also we must take into account when Linda purchased this kit. It seems from what I read that this item was purchased after Linda returned from the trip to see her son. She had been accused of adultery and it is quite possible that this was a response to unfair accusations. And it could be she bought it in retaliation for being accused unfairly. Also no mention is ever made as to whether the kit was actually used. And if used what were the results. If that's all the proof that has been provided then the accusations are thin indeed. And what happened to the concept of forgiveness?

johnknoefler said...

Sorry my post was made anonymous. My name is also John but John Knoefler. The above lengthy post is mine. I tried to attach my name but I suppose I am not doing it correctly.