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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Immaculate Conception: Can SDA's Read?

I have heard it so many times in sermons and on the Internet from Adventists who think the Immaculate Conception is about the birth of Christ. The following is from Stacie at

I recently heard a person ask, "But what about the immaculate conception? How on earth did God do that?" There are doctors and theologians and doctor/theologians who have some very vivid answers for such a a vivid question...

Maybe we are getting sidetracked by the question, "How did God become a baby?"...

In response to God becoming a harmless infant and then maturing into a man to show the world He is not to be feared brings to mind a comment made by author and speaker Ty Gibson, "What kind of God is this?"

From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Immaculate Conception

In the Constitution Ineffabilis Deus of 8 December, 1854, Pius IX pronounced and defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary "in the first instance of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace granted by God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the human race, was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin."

The Virgin Birth of Jesus is not the same as the Immaculate Conception.

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Sherman Haywood Cox II said...

This is a very common mistake made by many. By no means is this only an SDA mistake. I have personally talked to protetants of other denominations who make the same mistake...I bet you there are even catholics who make the mistake as well..