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Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Feature - List of Adventist Blogs

You will notice something new on this blog. On the right hand side you will find a list of links to Adventist Blogs. This is the most complete list of Adventist blogs I have seen on the Internet. Of course it does not have every Adventist blog nor even every Adventist blog I have found. The list is made by my personal choice as to the significance of the blogs. Blogs, which offer personal diaries type information, did not make it to my list nor do blogs that have no activity in the year 2006. Believe me I understand the bloggers frustration and why someone may feel that no one reads their blog what is the point of continuing if no one reads. So Congratulations
to all you bloggers who have stuck with it. If you have a blog you would like listed please let me know with a comment or an e-mail to

The list of Adventist blogs is provided for you to visit those blogs as I will also do. I intend to offer my perspective on the articles on their blogs here as well as in the comments on their blogs on interesting subjects. As Blogging is a rather cooperative effort hopefully we can build a creative and substantive network of blogs.

For those who may want to also put the blogs on their website here is the list: Sabbath School for a New Generation Adventist Pulpit Abundant Rest Oregon Adventist Pastor (Greg Brothers) The Adult Sabbath School Class (Greg Brothers) Apokalupto (David Hamstra) Just Pastors Intersections - (Hollywood Pastor) Paul Whiting KB-Adventist Adventist Thoughts Adventist Help WWC Collegian Blogs/a Adventist Thoughts/a Aussie Adventures/a Tribe of Levi/a Doug's Advenntures Adventures in Campus Ministry Better Than Life

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Sherman Haywood Cox II said...

Thanks for referring to my blog and participating in it...I will look around on yours...

God Bless...